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Opti-Fruit plus

Active dried yeast blend for the reliable fermentation with extreme aroma formation in fruit and honey wines as well as for distilling mashes from fruits, honey and molasses.

Many trial fermentations and distillations during the previous years have shown:

Fruit, honey and rum distillates are characterized by an exceptionally fruity fullness of aromas.

Honey wine can be fermented in a clean, continuously calm fermentation directly from the complete mixture of 2 liters of water to 1 kg of honey. This mixture, supplemented by 40g diammonium phosphate / DAP and 300g citric acid / Zitronensäure per 100 liters, ferments at 20 °C within 6-8 weeks to a honey wine with over 16%vol of alcohol and a content of residual sugar of 10-20g/L.

  Honey mashes for distillation (honey brandy) may be fermented more quickly and, above all, completely with slightly higher water proportions, acidification with PM acid to pH3 and with addition of 30-40g of fermentation nutrient for distilling mashes / Brennmaischenährstoff per hl.

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